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About ScreenSnax


Founded in 2022, ScreenSnax is dedicated to the people and communities who love the screen - whether it's movies on the big screen, the latest series streaming on your favorite platform, or your favorite online gaming stream!


As a matter of fact, the site name was selected from several names suggested by our community members who chat about film, games, and TV in Twitch stream chats and supporting community Discords including  The Grouch Couch, Tabletop to Keyboard ("TT2KB"), Featherfall TableTop, and The Band of The Main Devent.

The Team


Founder Debbie Cerda was a contributor for Slackerwood from 2009 - 2015 as a film critic, feature writer, and photographer. She launched monthly features Ready, Set, Fund, about local crowdfunded films, and Film on Tap, about the intersection of movies and beer in Austin.

She studied journalism at Texas A & M University. Her favorite course was the "History of Film", where she learned an appreciation for Sergei Eisenstein, Fritz Lang, and other master filmmakers.

As an active member of the now defunct Austin Cinemaker Co-op, she participated in the "Make a Film in a Weekend (MAFIA") and "Splice of Life" filmmaking events. As a result, she collects Super 8 cameras and film.

Debbie was also a programmer and  director from 2015 - 2021 for Other Worlds Austin, Austin's premiere science fiction festival.

Debbie has been a member of the Austin Film Critics Association since 2012. She's contributed articles to Cinapse, SXSWBaby and Indiewire. You can also find her contributions on True View Reviews.


Want to contribute to ScreenSnax?


Fill out the contact form below and share your interests. This website will be expanded in 2023 to include reviews of TV show series and new video games, as well as our favorite Twitch streamers! 

We welcome contributors and readers of all abilities!

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